Attaching Pictures

Attaching the Laminated Symbols Using Velcro or Dual Lock This side faces the communication partner.

Picture symbols can be laminated to keep them in good condition.

If possible, use matte, non-glare lamination.
If there is sunlight or glare on a glossy laminated picture, the child might not be able to see the image. And if a child can't see the image, they don't have a way of letting you know.

Attaching Items to the Frame
There are a number of different ways to attach the laminated pictures/symbols to the E-TRAN. 

a. Sticky Velcro or Dual Lock
b. Blu Tack (a reusable putty-like adhesive)
Note: Blu-Tack can leave a residue.

Make sure the picture symbol is “readable” from the back

a. Laminate the picture symbol so that it is double sided (one side faces the child, and one side faces the communication partner.)
b. Label the back of the picture symbol.

How many Objects/Pictures?

Not too few (boring), and not too many (overwhelming). Start with two, then on to three. Move up gradually.

If you wish to use/reproduce any of the images on this website