Special Code

Using a Special Code on the E-TRAN board

"Special Code"

Stick a small item on the middle bottom of the frame (for example a red, round sticky label)

You won't use this at first (and it is a bit abstract for some children, so don't worry if it seems too complicated to introduce to your user.)

Once the child demonstrates the ability to use the E-TRAN consistently, you can introduce the "Special Spot"

Instead of eye contact being the starting and finishing point, you should make eye contact with the child briefly at first, then encourage them to look down at the "Special Spot", which means "I'm ready to start". Only then do you introduce the question/activity. The child will move their eyes and eye point as required.

Looking down at the Special Spot can also be a signal that they are finished signaling and are ready for another question. The Special Spot will also be the point to which the child's gaze should return if s/he or the listener 'gets lost' and needs to stop and start again. It is better to have a "Special Spot" as a point of reference, rather than just eye contact, so communicate partners know when the child is just looking around, looking at an item to communicate/ signal something specific, or looking at your eyes just to be in contact.


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