Using Overlays

Examples of E-TRAN Overlays

Examples of Overlays: Toy Choices, Songs for Circle Time, Meals, Feelings & Mr. Potato Head


Overlays can be clipped onto the E-TRAN board, allowing a communication partner to quickly swap between different themes and activities.

An overlay is created by sandwiching picture symbols in between two sheets of lamination. After running the sheets through a lamination machine, a rectangular hole is cut in the middle.

If you don't have access to a large lamination machine, many copy and print shops offer lamination services.
If laminate isn't available, overlays can be created by sticking picture symbols onto a thin sheet of plastic.

It's also possible to run an empty lamination sheet through the machine, and then stick images to it after the fact.

Note: If possible, use matte rather than gloss laminate. If there is glare on a glossy overlay, the child might have difficulty seeing the pictures.

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