Using Objects

Attaching Actual Objects to the E-TRAN

Using Objects

Pictures and symbols might be too abstract for some beginning users. If so, start with highly motivating objects, food (if appropriate) or small toys.  Stick these items directly on the board. Tape them on if necessary.

Here, Vanessa is using her E-TRAN board to choose her next activity. Her choices are bubble blowing, feeding the fish, or playing with her teddy bear.

Vanessa looks at the bubbles to indicate that she wants to do bubble making.

You can play games with these objects. For example, shopping (the child is the shopkeeper. You ask for an item and they have to indicate it on the board.) Use real money, eat real cookies. You can gradually mix in the odd picture later.

NOTE: When beginning to use images, some children may fine it easier to start with photos, rather than pictures or symbols.

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