First Steps

First Steps  (continued from Modeling)

Child Using E-TRAN to Select a Snack

Turn the board around so that the food/objects are facing the child.

Make a Request:
“MMM, I’m hungry! I’d like a cookie, please. Can you show me where the cookie is?”

Hopefully, the child will then look at the object. It may be a very quick, fleeting glance.

If the Child Looks at the Object:
Say: “Right! There it is! You showed me the cookie. You looked at this... (Point with your finger
It’s the cookie. Let’s get the cookie “. (Take it down, eat, etc).

If the Child Doesn’t Look at the Requested Object:
Point with your finger at the object they did look at and say: 

“You showed me this. It’s a cup. It’s not a cookie. The cup is for drinking. Shall we have a drink?”
(Take the toy cup down and pretend to drink/give the child pretend drink).

“Now, I want a cookie. Can you see the cookie? You show me”.

If the Child Still Doesn't Look at the Requested Object: 
Scan through the choices.

Say: ”Where’s the cookie? Let’s see. Let’s look for the cookie. You help me find it.” 
(Let’s imagine that the cookie is on the top right hand corner.)

IMPORTANT: Pick a location to start your scan. (For example, the top left corner.)
When scanning through choices, ALWAYS start at this same position.

If what you are pointing to is not the requested object, say:
“Is this it? No!”.

Continue to Scan the Objects:
Move your finger slowly and smoothly along to the next item along the top if the frame. 

Try to take the child’s eyes ‘with you’ as you move your finger. Keep doing this until you get to the cookie.

When the Child Looks at the Requested Object:
Say: “Aha, we’ve found it! Look at the cookie! Here it is!”

Take some of the cookie off the E-TRAN and eat it. 

Make eye contact and ask:

“Where was it? You find the cookie again.”

Move your eyes very slowly to the position, trying to take the child's eye with your eyes as you move them. When they finally look at the cookie, immediately put your finger on it and say: “YES!! Good!! THERE it is! You found the cookie!” (Eat more cookie).


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