Dr. Richard K. Olney  "I like the laser board because it is fast and portable."


Dr. Richard K. Olney
Founding Director of the ALS Treatment and Research Center of UCSF, and person with ALS

In 2004, Dr. Olney was diagnosed with the same disease that he had devoted his life to studying and treating.

 By 2005, Dr. Olney had lost the ability to speak. He used a laser pointer for most face to face communication. He found it faster and simpler than his speech generating device.

Dr. Olney used an adapted computer for emails and writing medical articles. But he used the laser pointer for all face to face conversation, because it was faster and simpler.  He transitioned to using an eye gaze system in 2012.

More Testimonials

“I purchased this for a patient at our hospice, a 29 yr old man who has ALS. Let me tell you, it has changed some lives! The first thing my patient "said" was "Mom I love you" which brought tears to her eyes. What a gift! He has gotten very speedy using the laser pointer and the communication board...Thanks for all your help and support over the phone...”
M.S., Hospice Nurse

THE LASER IS GREAT!  I went to a 3D movie last evening, brought the glasses home, popped the lenses out and attached the laser.  The rest is history! Jim spelled out "thank you" three times.  And then he discovered the words on the board.  It's nearly like giving someone the gift of speech.  Thank you so much! We have markedly improved a man's life with your low-tech solution.”
Craig Phillips

“Thank you so much for all your help in getting Kathleen set up with the communication board and the hand-held laser.  That combination seems to be just what she needs, and it's working out even better than I dared hope... Right out of the box, Kathleen was able to communicate much more easily than with the iPad she's been using -- or not using -- lately.  We got whole sentences and even jokes right off the bat -- things that required too much effort from her before... We're very grateful to have the communication board and laser.  Thanks again…”
Sally McGough

“Just writing this quick note to tell you how invaluable the laser pointer has been for my husband, a victim of advanced ALS.  He is almost completely immobile and unable to speak. This low tech method is the only successful way that he has to communicate his needs and thoughts.  It has allowed him a means to interact and has permitted friends and family to fulfill his needs. It’s a great product!"
Lynn Ward 


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