Who are LTS Products For?

The Low Tech Solutions laser and blank E-TRAN board may be used by beginning communicators, or someone with a language disorder.  

Our COMMUNICATION BOARDS, however, are primarily designed for people with SPEECH disabilities (not language issues).

 Our communication boards are primarily designed for:

  • People who are literate (able to read and spell)
  • People with relatively good LANGUAGE abilities

Our communication boards are NOT geared towards people who have a significant LANGUAGE disorder.  

People with a significant language impairment may have difficulty using a text based communication system. They will need a more personalized system (possibly a picture symbol based system).  

Speech vs. Language?

There is some confusion over the difference between speech and language. 
Speech and language are two very different things.  



Speech is the vocalized form of human communication (i.e. talking).


Language refers to the complex system of human communication
(and can include the meanings of words and how words are put together.)

Communication Disorders: Speech, Language or Both?

When a person has difficulty communicating, it may be because they have problems with speech, or with language, or with both.

Some people have difficulties communicating because they have speech problems.
(They have physical problems with the muscles and nerves used for talking).

There are some individuals who have problems communicating because they have difficulties with language.
(The parts of their brain which process and produce language are affected.)

A person with a language disorder may have problems with:

• Expressive language (producing language, either written or spoken)
• Receptive language (understanding the meaning of language)
• A problem with both expressive and receptive language.

Some people have difficulty communicating because of problems with both speech and language.

It's important for a person with a language impairment to work closely with a speech language pathologist
to determine a communication system which best meets their needs and abilities.

To locate a local speech langugage pathologist in the U.S., go to:

(American Speech-Hearing-Language Association)