E-TRAN Board Positioned Between the User and the Communication Partner

The child should be sitting with the E-TRAN straight in front of them. The communication partner should be directly opposite, able to make eye contact through the hole in the center of the frame.

The goal is for the child to be in a comfortable, relaxed position while using the board. Don’t have the board too high. This will force the child to have to look up. And don’t have the board too close. Experiment with the distance/placement of the board, in order to see what’s most comfortable for the child.

Bring the board to the child's level (i.e. if the child spends most of the time on the floor, use the E-TRAN on the floor.)

In the image above, the E-TRAN board is being used with a board holder.  It can be helpful to use a height adjustable overbed table in conjunction with the board holder.


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