Color Coding Example

FIRST GLANCE: Selecting the Group

The first glance selects the group which contains the desired item.

a. Jasmine looks at the big green box which contains the symbol that she wants. This means that she wants an item which is inside of the GREEN group.

b.Her communication partner calls out “GREEN” to confirm that Jasmine is looking at the Green group.

Jasmine doesn’t need to acknowledge that her partner called out “GREEN”. It would get very tiring to have to acknowledge every selection!

It may be helpful, however, for a beginning user to provide confirmation.

(cont. below)

When using color coding, the first glance selects the desired group.

THE FIRST GLANCE MEANS: "I want something in the Green Group"

SECOND GLANCE: Selecting the Color of the Desired Item

a. Jasmine looks up at the YELLOW group.

This means that within the GREEN group, she wants the symbol in the YELLOW cell.

b. Her communication partner calls out “LIKE” (which is the picture symbol that Jasmine selected.)

The second glance indicates the color of the desired item.

THE SECOND GLANCE MEANS: “Within the Green Box, I want the Yellow Cell”


How to select the green cell within the green box

If Jasmine wanted to select the green “Feel” cell in the top left hand corner:

a. She would look the large green box until her communication partner confirmed by saying “Green”.

b. Then, she would continue to look at big Green box. This means “Within the Big Green box, I want the smaller green cell (“Feel”). So, selecting “Feel” would require only one eye movement/glance.

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