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LaserWriter (Wireless)


LaserWriter (Wireless)

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Product Description


Wireless laser using for Low Tech AAC, Augmentaive Communication laser-plus-core-vocabulary-equals-fast-smaller.jpg

Comparison of Lasers

NOTE: The Wireless Laserwriter is significantly heavier than our other head mounted lasers.  
If a person has a disability which causes neck weakness (e.g, ALS), it is recommended to use a lighter laser, like the Eyeglass Mounted or Clip-On versions.

Please Select FedEx Ground shipping when placing this order.
This item cannot be shipped via USPS, or by air (because it contains lithium batteries).

Simple & Intuitive: 
The individual uses head movements to point the red laser dot to a letter, word or symbol on a paper communication board.   The communication partner then says the item out loud.

Check out the Product Videos (on the tab above), to get a sense of how simple and quick communication with the laser can be.

 Faster Communication: 
A laser can allow a person to point to a larger communication board with many more 'targets' than they might be able physically access on a high tech device.  This allows some people to use a core vocabulary system.  Core vocabulary words are the most frequently used words in the English language (words like 'the', 'and', 'he', 'she', 'how'.)  Using core vocabulary can significantly speed up communication.

Our laser uses a Class II laser module (the lowest powered visible laser available).  A Class II laser is considered safe for normal operation. More on laser safety

Physically Easy to Use:
A laser goes exactly where you point it.  It always travels in a straight line.  Unlike a head mouse or an eye gaze system, the user never needs to "re-calibrate" the laser. The distance between the laser and the board can also significantly magnify head movement.  (The farther away the board, the less the person has to move their head.)  

Adjustable Angle:
The laser is on a small adjustable arm.  Throughout the day, when the person using the laser changes the position (for example, reclining in a power chair), the angle of the laser pointer can be adjusted up, down, left and right.  






Wireless Laser

Eyeglass Mounted Laser

Clip On Laser


Weight of the portion 
clipped to glasses/cap

2 oz
(Includes battery)  


1/4 oz

5/8 oz
(in dimes)

25 Dimes
(10 Quarters)

5-6 Dimes

9 Dimes 
Type of Battery 2 AA Batteries & a Lithium CR2 battery  1 CR2 battery 2 AA Batteries 2 AA Batteries

Battery Burn Time*

(see below) 

100 Hours**

330 hours***

330 Hours***

Laser Type

Class 2 = <1 mW 
( Safe Laser)

Class 2

Class 2

Class 2

























*  The Continuous Battery Burn Time (CBBT) refers to the continuous length of time the batteries will power the laser, before they need to be replaced.
** Tested using Engergizer CR2 Lithium Batteries. (Enegitech CR2 Lithium Batteries, available on Amazon.)
*** Tested using DuraCell ProCell AA Batteries.

The lasers are not refundable.

If you are not sure whether or not the laser pointer is right for you:
1. Please contact us by phone or email. We can help determine if a laser pointer is appropriate for a particular individual.
2. Another option is to rent a laser to try it out. 

Lasers come with a 6 month warranty. 


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